The Georgian Army


2 thoughts on “The Georgian Army

  1. Just curious, if Georgia abandoned the idea of having an army and instead built good police force, fire fighting and ambulance corps – I suspect they would be much more beneficial to the country. All they need is a police force to deal with the kind of problems they have, an army for a country of less than 6 million makes no sense, without outside investment they could not even afford a military. Lech

  2. Well, Switzerland has an army. But the argument is that NATO membership does more harm than it could good. All the money dumped into the military to reach NATO standards could have been spent on improving the impoverished social sector on one hand, while antagonizing Russia – the largest neighbor – has severe consequences, as we’ve seen. The other question is why have an army at all if it will never be able to stand up against Russia, which leads us back to the necessity of NATO. Therefore, the next question – does NATO have the stomach/means to confront Russia?The answer to that appears to be a resounding “no”.

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