Grechikha ( Buckwheat): Levan Gachecheladze


5 thoughts on “Grechikha ( Buckwheat): Levan Gachecheladze

  1. From Georgia Today (newspaper):“I have never aspired to be in the government,” Levan Gachechiladze said on one of Shevardnadze’s endless meetings. …as time showed he is the oppositionist who can manage “great people of Tbilisi” best. The protest action peculiarity of Georgia is that rallies here are discussed not as means to express opinion but to exercise direct pressure upon the government. For example, when Irakli Alasania mentioned ‘dialogue’ on the April meeting of 2009 and “Jigars” [great people] stirred in revolt, ‘Grechikha’ made them silent by swearing, proving once again that only ‘Grechikha’ knows the language of ‘Jigaris’, that is why he is irreplaceable for the opposition.

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