5 thoughts on “Relativity

  1.'Another Look at the August War'January 21, 2009"the belief that President Saakashvili had been already dealt a mortal blow and would fail as a result of internal dissent was another reason the Russians thought they could achieve their objective even without taking Tbilisi. They probably still even believe that to be the case. ""Why then Georgia? And why did you need to have a war? There are several reasons. Aside from personal reasons such as the deep hatred that exists between Putin and President Saakashvili of Georgia, which we all know about, one of the reasons is that everything else failed. Russia had basically been throwing everything it had, including the kitchen sink, to use Hillary Clinton’s expression, at Georgia. But it had failed to achieve any type of change in the foreign policy behavior of the Georgian government.""Certainly, one of the purposes was the deposing of the Georgian president. It was political and economic regime change in Georgia. But they were probably not the only goals.""Georgia has been hailed as a beacon of democracy in this volatile region. Our record has not been impeccable—a “shining city on the hill” cannot be built overnight. But each day, we are pursuing ways to strengthen our democratic institutions."

  2. I've had virtually the same conversation with Georgian friends scores of times. The lack of a frame of reference for democracy is a definate problem.

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