Substance and Reality: Hollywood on the South Ossetian War


6 thoughts on “Substance and Reality: Hollywood on the South Ossetian War

  1. I see your back where you belong, out of the USA, I am back from an extended trip in Poland chasing Smithfield pig trucks around the country and other for the moment unnamed brand trucks hauling Brazilian poison from the port city of Gdydnia. As for this new Hollywood film uhhhhh!!! – One of my favorite films is Battle of Algiers – originally the screenplay was written for Marlon Brando – he was to play guess what, a journalist traveling to Algeria to uncover the atrocities etc etc and of course they could not come up with the cash for the American actor and had to make the low budget film they ended up making and of course the lack of funds made them have to make an authentic film as opposed to a vehicle for a well paid actor. Keep Hollywood in Hollywood. They are like the catholic church spreading there poison around the world looking for converts and of course the converts all become junkies because the shit they are selling in as strong as the heroin flowing out of Afghanistan. Lech

  2. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]Nicolas Cage shoots a movie about Georgia and plays Saakashvili 07.01.2009 Georgia Times 14:45Nicolas Cage, a renowned Hollywood actor, will shoot a movie about the August events in the Caucasus and Russian-Georgian conflict.According to some messages, the project has already started. Cage caries it out with the Stone Village Pictures.The preliminary name of the film is «Bitter drop of freedom», Day.Az informs.Nicolas Cage will be not only director, but will play Georgian President, Mikhail Saakashvili.The budget of the movie is not high, that is why the script includes few battle stages and shootings on locations. The film can be referred to psychological drama. In his interview to Verfluchter Beobachter the actor said that the idea to shoot such a film appeared in practically a month.According to Cage, he was shocked with great tragedy of the statesman, who faced the necessity of hard and crucial choice. In his view, in such moments the true greatness of a person reveals in such turning points of history. Cage hopes that he will manage to show the deep emotions of a person placed in inhuman conditions.All a crock of shit of course..

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