Nino Burjanadze’s Zombie Apocalypse


6 thoughts on “Nino Burjanadze’s Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Excellent Zombie analogy Paul. I always considered that the large portion of Tbilisi citizens meandering in the middle of every road were really Zombies, now maybe Nino and her Hubby Badri can lead these braineaters to the promised land!

  2. At last, bringing one of my favorite cinema themes to bear on one of the most insane policies of power-hungry revolutionary narkomania by an obvious leader of the people, if by people you mean rich, privileged and blessed with a flame-retardant hairdo that must cost more to maintain than the average Georgian citizen makes in a month.

  3. What happened to this lady? She's held high political office since forever (including the honor of Presidency- twice) but she's just off the rails now. I don't get it. I used to have high hopes for her. :-\

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